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Regulations for the exchange operations

Applications are processed automatically around the clock. Technical support is available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 GMT + 2. Consultations on questions received during non-working hours will be provided as quickly as possible.
Exchange Bitcoin rates are updated every minute and are available on the main page of the service
The purchase rate is fixed at the time of order creation for 30 minutes to complete the payment, and upon sale — after the 2nd confirmation of the Bitcoin transaction.

Carrying out exchange operations

1. Buying Bitcoin. Terms for processing payments and sending Bitcoin

Visa/Mastercard payments are processed on the side of the payment system in real time. After receiving notification of the successful client's payment, the system initiates sending coins to the address specified by the client in automatic mode. The timing of Bitcoin transfer to the client's address depends on the load on the Bitcoin network.
As a rule, confirmation after payment comes instantly. In some cases, there may be delays on the side of the payment system or the bank.
If the payment was made 30 minutes after the exchange order submission and transition to the payment page, the amount to be paid may be revised basing on the current rate at the time of payment.

2. Selling Bitcoin. Terms of transfer to your account after the exchange

In the case of a client sending Bitcoin, the transaction rate and the amount to be paid are calculated after the second confirmation in the Bitcoin network. When the rate is fixed, the payment is initiated by the system automatically according to the payment details specified by the client.
Payments are made to Visa/Mastercard cards in UAH (UAH) issued by Ukrainian banks. The restriction per one card is 150 thousand UAH / day.
Term of transfer, as a rule, ranges from one to 15 minutes depending on the card issuing bank, but there may be delays up to three banking days.
If during the confirmation the rate has increased and the amount to be paid exceeds the established limit for one operation, the system will send several payments in multiples of the established limit.

3. Selling Bitcoin. Payment sending error

When sending a payment, the system may receive a refusal, of which the client will be notified on the page of his exchange status. Possible reasons:
  • - Payment system failure
  • - Incorrect details submitted by the customer
  • - Refusal to transfer from the issuing bank
Requests with such status are processed by the operator during business hours.
You can ask all the questions regarding the time of the transfer by contacting the support service in the most suitable way.
If sending money to the client or transferring it in another possible way is impossible through no fault of the service, the Bitcoin amount will be refunded to the client minus the shipping fee.

4. Buying Bitcoin. Payment from stolen cards

In case of suspicion of using stolen card data, the service reserves the right to suspend the sending of Bitcoin until the situation is clarified.

5. Rules for solving problem situations

The solution of all problem situations occurs through the mail To solve your problem, be sure to specify the application number, describe the problem in detail, and if necessary, provide new details immediately. The time for consideration of the appeal to the emails is up to three working days

6. User identity check

In some cases, to prevent money laundering or when making returns or withdrawals to other details, the service may request identity documents from the user.

7. Force Majeure

There may be a deviation from the rules for performing operations in the case of situations that have arisen through no fault of the service. In most operations, a third party participates (banks, payment systems), and, in case of problems on the intermediary’s side (site malfunction, API, technical work, loss of transfer within the payment system, etc.), the time for elimination is added to the problems of the due date on the side of the mediation service.
The rules of the service can be found via the link.
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